in the current craze…

I and some friends failed to see the main event of the 29th Olympiad’s opening ceremony. We were at Jane’s for her birthday where everyone was busy chatting, eating and taking pics that nobody remembered. Athletes were already on parade when we turned the TV on. Through the local news we got a glimpse of the presentation and boy… it was AMAZING! When it comes to big and extravagant field shows, we have to give it to the Chinese. Nothing beats their artistic ability in this stuff of performing. Thank God there’s youtube, I’ll browse through it later.


When I hear people ask “when will the Olympics come to the Philippines?” I say “never”, if I get to answer. If I don’t get to answer then I still say “never” to myself. Reality dictates we can never afford such extravagance. And considering the security status of our country, there’s surely no Philippine official who will even dare apply for hosting it.

We have 15 delegates to the Olympiad this year and although there’s a whooping 15M reward to whoever will bag and bring home the 1st gold medal for the country, we are yet to get a good chance at it. So for me, it does not have to be gold. An Olympic medal of any color will certainly give this country a great deal of pride.

At any rate, medal or none, we still have to be proud that the Philippines was able to send 15 athletes to Beijing. 15 Filipino men and women who are at par to the standards of Olympic sports. Go team Philippines!

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